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The Shchelkovo Metallurgical Works is Russia's unique metallurgical enterprise, which put into practice the newest achievements of engineering efforts of Russian scientific research institutes and those of leading West-European companies. ShchelMet is the only Russia-based works producing high quality superthin strip made of coldrolled steels and alloys with ultralow temper and predetermined levels of mechanical and physical properties. The Works' principal product is used for producing slot microstructural masks and magnetic screens for highresolution television picture tubes and PC monitors. The Works manufactures products for the electricbulb and cable industry and enterprises specializing on the production of accumulator batteries and chemical power supply equipment.

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г. Щелково


The first mention of "weight" (village) of Shchelkovo is revealed in the writing - "Acts of the Russian State of 1505-1526". From one of these acts we learn that the owner of this village V.I.Homutov in 1522 transferred it according to the will to the Trinity - Sergiyeva to monastery. And a bit later the name "Shchelkovo" meets once again in "Pistsova to the book of the Moscow state of the 16th eyelid" from 1584 for 1586.

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